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Best Supplement Guide


What Is Best Supplement Guide?

Our mission is to provide you with researched reviews of products to help you make the ebay decision whenever making a purchase. Best Supplement Guide is designed to improve your ability to get exactly what you want — a high-quality, effective product at a reasonable price — and as a for-profit company, we are able to provide a free online resource for shoppers. 


The Best Supplement Guide Ranking System

Best Supplement Guide’ ranking system offers extensive in-house product evaluation on ingredient safety, projected effectiveness, product value and return policies combined with customer satisfaction reviews from Best Supplement Guide shoppers just like you.

Ingredient Safety

We check each and every product ingredient against ingredient safety databases to determine the ingredients’ proper dosage limits and ultimate safety, as well as banned substances.

Value Ranking

Ingredients are listed on the product label in descending order of actual amount in the product. The value of the product depends on the amount of active key ingredients found in the product vs. the inactive fillers. We add the active ingredients, subtract the fillers and compare that to the product’s price to assess the value you’re getting for your money.

Projected Effectiveness

We compare the safe and effective active ingredient dosages established by independent databases with those found on the product labeling to measure the projected effectiveness of the product.

Return Policy

A strong return policy demonstrates the brand’s confidence in its product and is important so you can get a refund, if not satisfied. We assess and rank the return policy by testing the actual product return process against the brand’s return policy.


How Does Best Supplement Guide Provide Free Reviews?